MeduzaM— Aerospace engine developed by Space Continental, engine development was funded through investments from Valentin Mocreac. The aerospace engine of a closed cycle working on electricity, that is, it creates traction without support or contact with other bodies, does not depend on the presence of the environment. For this reason, it is most often planned to use aircraft, aerial vehicle, drones, exoskeletons for a rescuer and spacecraft.

   Features of Aerospace Engine

    The gravitational force of the engine is independent of the environment. The main technical parameter characterizing the gravitational engine is — the force that develops the engine in the direction of movement of the apparatus, in addition to thrust engines are characterized by a specific impulse, which is an indicator of the degree of perfection and efficiency.

    Aerospace Engine Classes

There are two main classes of gravity engines:

   — Air spatial engine
   — Space engines

Forms aerospace engines MeduzaM
     Defined by the standard space continental, based on the metric system of measures.

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